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e-VidyaBharati AarogyaBharati (e-VBAB) Network Project

The first phase of this project, called “Pan African e-Network Project (PAeNP)” was conceived by former President of India Late Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. The project was launched in 2009 and was successfully concluded on 30th Sept. 2017. The network provided education and medical services through telecommunication links (MPLS/IPLC/satellite based) in African Union (AU) member 48 countries of Africa.

Subsequent to completion of this project, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Govt. of India, has approved the launch of a technologically upgraded PAeNP-Phase-II, now called the e-VidyaBharati AarogyaBharati (e-VBAB) Project to continue providing Education and Healthcare services to African countries for another 5 years. TCIL has been designated as the implementing agency for the e-VBAB Network project and an agreement to this effect was signed between TCIL and the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Govt. of India on 10th September 2018. MEA, GOI, is strategic controller and end client for this project. Project was officially launched on 7th Oct., 2019. Eritrea signed the MoU on 7 Nov 2019 and has become a partner country of e-VBAB Project. The VidyaBharati portal has been launched and student enrollment has started.

Objective of the e-VBAB Project

e-VBAB Network Project is to provide good quality, effective education/ medical services through web portals to the students/ doctors/paramedical staff in Africa for next 5 years.

Under e-VidyaBharti and e-ArogyaBharti Network Project (e-VBAB Network Project), tele-education & tele-medicine services from India shall be offered to African countries through a specially developed web based platform hosting two separate tele-education and tele-medicine portals.

The e-VBAB Network Project shall host two Portals:

  1. e-VidyaBharti Portal for tele-education services; and
  2. e-ArogyaBharti Portal for tele-medicine services

Tele-Education Services:

  • a:-The e-VBAB Network Project shall provide for setting up a Learning Centre in each selected University in the participating African countries. The Learning Centre shall be equipped with computers, TV Monitor, high speed scanner, audio system, cameras, internet connection, furniture and any other items essential for providing Tele-Education services;
  • b:-Scholarships shall be awarded to students enrolling under various programs being offered in the project. These include, short-term courses, undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, and continued medical education. The scholarship will cover the tuition fees to attend an Indian university that will award the certificate or the degree.

    Tele-Medicine Services:

    a:- The e-VBAB Network Project shall provide for Tele-Medicine services through a specially developed web based platform. The selected Super Specialty Hospitals/Institutions from India shall offer Tele-Medicine services namely Continuing Medical Education (TM - CME) and Tele-Consultations (TM -TC) in the African countries.