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The Embassy of India in Asmara began functioning in August 2019.  The efforts to be fully functional,   have been hampered by the fallout of COVID-19.  For this reason, the Embassy has not been able to put in place the system for issue of visas.    The Embassy still awaits the visit of a special team from India to install visa issuance system.  The Embassy hopes it will be done soon after the restrictions of travel are lifted.  Once the system is installed, the Embassy will notify the same.  Till such time, the visas will continue to be issued by the Embassy of India, Khartoum.  However, the Embassy will provide all guidance to the applicants. 

Once the visa issuance system is in place, the Embassy of India in Asmara will issue Tourist, Entry, Business, Student, Medical and other types of visas to the Eritrean nationals and to other foreign nationals also residing in Eritrea on submission of Permit of Residence.  The Embassy also provides a wide range of consular services to Indians residing in Eritrea.

Tourist Visa

A tourist visa is granted to a foreigner who does not have a residence or occupation in India and whose sole objective of visiting India is recreation, sightseeing, casual visit to meet friends and relatives.  No other activity is permissible on a Tourist Visa.  The Tourist visa is non-extendable and non-convertible. Tourist Visas are normally issued for a period up to six months effective from the date of issue with multiple entries. Travel agents and people connected with tourism trade who have to visit India frequently, can be granted Tourist Visas for a longer duration.  Grant of visa for a longer duration is at the sole discretion of the Embassy. 

Documents requirement along with application form:

  1. Confirmed return air ticket
  2. Two photographs
  3. Copy of passport
  4. Bank statement in the name of the applicant or parent/guardian/sponsor
  5. Hotel booking confirmation


Business Visa

Business Visa is granted only for specific business purposes.  Business Visa is granted only to a foreign national who wants to visit India to establish an industrial/business venture or to explore possibilities to set up industrial/business venture, or wants to purchase/sell industrial products in India.  Following conditions should be met in order to be eligible for this visa:

The applicant is not visiting India for the business of money-lending or petty-trading, or for a full time employment in India involving payment of salary in India etc.

The facility of Business Visa is also extended to senior executives of firms, experts, tour conductors and travel agents, etc., visiting India in connection with work related to projects of national importance, including those undertaken by public sector undertakings, and conducting business tours of foreigners or business relating to it. 

A foreign national will have to comply with all other requirements like payment of tax liabilities.  The Embassy may for request related documents.

The Business Visa is issued from the country of origin, or from the country of domicile of the foreigner provided the period of permanent residence of that applicant in that particular country is for more than 2 years.

Normally Business Visas are granted up to 6 months and in exceptional cases, may be granted for longer duration, depending upon the purpose. 

Documents requirement along with application form:

  1. Local company letter giving the position of applicant in the company, the reason for the visit with particulars of companies to be visited.
  2. Two photographs
  3. Copy of passport
  4. Business Registration Certificate
  5. Letter of invitation from Indian company
  6. Bank statement applicant or parent/guardian/sponsor
  7. Brief profile of the concerned companies in Eritrea and India.


Student Visa

Student Visas are issued to bonafide students to pursue studies in recognized educational institutions in India.

Documents requirement along with application form:

  1. Original admission letter from recognized Universities/Institutions in  India.
  2. Two photographs
  3. Authenticated certificates and mark sheets of the last examination passed
  4. Satisfactory evidence of financial support
  5. Letter of guarantee prescribed by the Embassy duly filled in and witnessed.  The guarantor (generally the parent(s)) should bring photocopy of his/her identity card and last four months bank statement along with original and sign the form in presence of the consular officer, evidence of transfer of adequate funds for at least four months’ sustenance in India, which is approx.  US$ 1500/- by bank transfer or by bank draft or Traveler’s cheque.
  6. Copy of passport
  7. Bank statement in the name of the applicant or parent/guardian/sponsor
  8. Eritrean School Mark list duly attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Original & copy)
  9. Student Declaration Form
  10. Valid Yellow Fever vaccination certificate, and a negative AIDS test certificate.


If the parent(s) do not reside in Eritrea or cannot come to the Embassy for any reason, the applicant must give reason in writing reason for another relative or guardian to be accepted as guarantor by the Embassy. In their application, the applicant will also provide full relationship with the relative or guardian. It is the discretion of the Embassy to accept financial guarantee from a person other than parents.

Employment Visa

Employment visas are issued to skilled and qualified professionals or persons, who are engaged or appointed by companies, organizations and economic undertakings as technicians, technical experts and senior executives.  Employment Visa can be obtained on furnishing appointment letter from India and the original “Employment Contract” between the applicant and the employer along with a photocopy.  The duration of the visa will depend on the validity of the contract limited to a maximum of 5 years.

Documents requirement along with application form:

  1. Employment Contract signed between the Employer and the Employee indicating salary, which should be more than US$25000 per year.
  2. Request letter from the Indian company addressed to the Embassy of India, Asmara.
  3. Applicants of Non-Eritrean nationality should be permanent resident with work permits in Eritrea for more than two years.
  4. For honorary work with NGO, proof of employment with NGO registered in India and registration papers of NGO based in India.
  5. All documents issued by Eritrean companies or authorities should be attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  6. Two photographs.
  7. Copy of passport.


Medical Visa

Document Requirement for Medical/Medical Attendant Visa

  1. Hard copy of duly filled on-line application form along with two photographs (2” x 2”) size
  2. Diagnosis of ailment from local hospital and referral letter.
  3. Medical Invitation/endorsement letter along with e-mail forwarded from Indian hospital/doctor mentioning treatment duration, cost of treatment, passport details of the patient and attendants etc.
  4. Hospital must email the medical invitation/endorsement letter on conswing.asmara@mea.gov.in  and copy to hoc.asmara@mea.gov.in from their official E-Mail IDs mentioning cost of treatment. The letter should be signed by the authorized signatory of the hospital.
  5. Passport in original and photocopy
  6. Bank statement having sufficient money for treatment
  7. Necessary clearances from the concerned Eritrean authorities


Procedure for medical treatment of foreigners who are already in India on different types of Visas other then medical visa, in case of sudden illness during their travel.

(A) Foreigners holding long duration visa (6 months or more)

If the visitor is suffering from minor ailments which require only OPD consultation/ treatment, they are permitted for treatment without conversion of their original visa type to Medical visa.  Sudden illness which requires continuous treatment of less than 180 days or to stay prerequisite period (whichever is earlier), the following is required:

Should take medical certificate from government/Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR)/National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Health Care Providers (NABH)/Medical Council of India (MCI)/ Central government Health Scheme (CGHS) recognized hospitals mentioning medical condition, recommendation and duration of treatment and then approach to concerned FRRO.

In such cases FRRO will issue Medical permit or limited duration i.e. less than 6 months or recommended duration by the hospital. Required visa fee will be charged.

The primary or main visa will not be cancelled.

After treatment, the primary visa shall continue to be valid for its normal duration.
Treatment exceeding more than 6 months or stay stipulated period, the primary visa could be converted to medical visa by FRRO concerned and extended to normal medical visa. The required visa fee will be charged.

The dependent visa may not be converted into medical/medical attendants visa, in case of principal visa holder type changed to medical visa.

After getting fitness certificate foreigners will be allowed their activity as per primary visa subject to approval from FRRO concerned and Medical visa may be reconverted into original visa. The visa fee will be charged.

The responsibility is fixed on individual/ concerned hospital/Clinic to intimate concerned FRRO about treatment.

(B)  Foreigners holding short duration visa (less than 6 months)

In such cases, the procedure as per prescribed in sub para (A) above will be applicable with the following changes.

The primary visa will be cancelled in the event of conversion of short duration Medical Visa.  After acquisition of fitness certificate, foreign nationals will be granted exit.

(C)  Foreigners holding X-1 visa i.e. person of Indian origin and children of an Indian citizen/ OCI card holders/ Spouse of Indian citizens/OCI card holders

Foreigners holding “X-1, X-2 Visa and OCI card may take treatment in hospitals for any duration without converting their primary/original visas and FRRO permission not required.

Transit Visa

Transit Visa is granted for the sole purpose of enabling the holder to travel to India to reach his/her ultimate destination. Evidence/air ticket for onward travel to the destination outside India should be produced. Transit Visas are valid for halts up to 3 days. Double Entry Transit Visas can be granted for stay in transit up to 3 days on each visit.

Documents requirement along with application form:

  1. Confirmed air ticket
  2. Two photographs passport size
  3. Copy of passport
  4. Visas for country of destination

Journalist Visa

Journalist visa is granted for purpose other than tourism, social visits or business viz. professional work, meetings, study tours, and sport teams.

Supporting evidence from the inviting organization from India:

A journalist visa is granted to a foreigner:

  1. Who is a professional journalist, photographer, or documentary film producer or director (other than of commercial films), a representative of a radio and/or television organization, travel writer/travel promotion photographer, etc.
  2. Who is a journalist visiting India for any other purpose, such as attending a conference, tourism, meeting relatives, etc.
  3. Who is a professional journalist working for an association, or a company engaged in production or broadcast of audio news, or audiovisual news, or current affairs programs through the print media, electronic, or any other form.


Documents requirement along with application form:

  1. Letter of the local Eritrean company sponsoring him/her, giving brief profile of the company and identifying the applicant.
  2. Two photographs
  3. Copy of passport
  4. Supporting evidence is required from the organization in India
  5. Bank statement in the name of the applicant or sponsor

Diplomatic/Official/UN Visa

Document requirement along with application form:

  1. Note Verbale from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Embassy/Organisation
  2. Two photographs
  3. Copy of passport
  4. Supporting document, if any


Other Types of Visas

Foreign nationals of Indian origin, their spouses and children can obtain a 5 year visa, subject to production of documentary evidence such as cancelled Indian passport/surrender certificate of Indian nationality, etc. in case of persons of Indian origin and marriage certificate/family certificate in case of their spouses/children. If such an applicant is not a permanent resident of Eritrea, this will be subject to clearance from the Indian Mission in the country in which the applicant normally resides.
Visa applicants for conferences, yoga/Vedic culture studies, research projects, voluntary works, missionary work, mountaineering or other expeditions, have to contact the Embassy for ascertaining the requirements/further details.

Registration with Foreigners Registration Office (FRO)/Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO)

Persons of Indian origin holding multiple entry X-visas, visiting India to meet relatives or for social purposes, are required to register with the FRO/FRRO within 14 days of first arrival only if they intend to stay continuously for more than 180 days. This registration is required during the first visit after the visa is issued. Subsequent travels using the same visa do not require registration. Children below the age of 16 years are exempted from this requirement. All other visitors to India, including those of Indian origin, holding any other category of visa valid for more than 6 months should register with the FRO/FRRO within 14 days of arrival in India, if their stay exceeds 180 days on each visit.

E-Tourist Visa

E-Tourist Visa Facility is available for holders of passport of following 46 countries:

S.NO   countries








Cook Islands






























Marshall Islands












New Zealand


Niue Island










Papua New Guinea




Republic of Korea








Solomon Islands


Sri Lanka

















E-Tourist Visa may be applied through web link –https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/visa/tvoa.html